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SlowGold 8 is Here!

For Windows 7, Vista, XP and Mac OS/X 10.6 and higher

Do you want to learn how to play the hot licks from any CD, MP3 file, or Wave file? With the World Wide Woodshed's acclaimed PC music software, it's easy! With just a couple of mouse clicks, you'll be playing along with a loop of any phrase from any CD, MP3 file, or Wave file at any speed, at the original pitch, with great sound quality. Download the free demo and see for yourself!

SlowGold makes it simple for anyone to play along with (or transcribe)  lightning-fast riffs by starting at a modest pace. You will hear nuances of playing technique that you have never heard before. And you will start playing along at a comfortable speed and improve quite noticeably in just a few short sessions. 

No longer will you have to hunt in vain for sheet music containing transcriptions of great-but-undocumented solos by your favorite heavy metal band, Irish traditional folk music group, jazz vibraphonist, pianist, guitarist, sax player or vocalist. Now, finally, if you have any recording, you can play along with it at a speed that works for you, at your current skill level, in a way that helps you improve while you have lots of fun playing along with the great ones.

Click here to see all the great new features in SlowGold 8

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Our Customers Say...

"SlowGold is so good it is a terrible dilemma trying to decide whether to sing its praises, or keep it to myself to make me look like a musical genius. Am I raving?!

"Thanks massively for the great software." 

- Thomas Morningstar

"I wish SlowGold had been around when I was trying to learn how to improvise. Those Wes Montgomery solos would have been much easier to learn." 

Don Latarski - Jazz Guitar Instructor and author of  Practical Theory For Guitar

"SlowGold has rendered all of my other transcribing tools obsolete. Nothing even comes close for quality and versatility. It eliminates all the guesswork and is helping my ear to reach its fullest potential. This program is a godsend."

Steve Gorenberg, professional transcriber

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