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General Questions

What is SlowGold?

SlowGold is a Windows program designed to help musicians at all levels learn music from recordings. It features a remarkably high-fidelity "slowdown algorithm" that slows down any music to a manageable speed without changing its pitch. It also offers a host of interface and database features designed to make the entire process of learning from and playing along with recordings convenient, easy and fun.

SlowGold offers a portal into a new world of musical experience and mastery. Hearing the music of the greats played slowly reveals the nuances of their technique and phrasing. Being able to zoom in as closely as a single note to hear it played over and over allows anyone with a basic familiarity with his/her instrument (or voice) to learn how to play virtually anything (of course, developing the physical dexterity for this sometimes takes patience).

What is SlowBlast?

SlowBlast is our introductory slowdown program. It is small and sleek and very fast to get started with but has many less features than SlowGold. See our Products Page for a comparison of the features of SlowBlast and SlowGold.

Does SlowGold work with any recording (including CDs, LPs, tapes, and MP3 files)?

SlowGold works with all audio CD's and also all Windows wave files (files with a .wav extension). SlowGold v7.x also works with MP3 files. You can use your sound card and the Windows Sound Recorder (a part of Windows that you already have) to record any LP or tape to a wave file, which you can then use with SlowGold. You can use the built-in utility (under the File menu in SlowGold) to convert MP3 files to wave files.

I've tried slowdown products before, and they have all sounded pretty bad. Is yours different?

Like night and day. Download SlowGold and hear for yourself

What are the system requirements?

SlowGold Version 7.7 is the current version and includes support for up to WinXP.  Although we do not have a version specifically for Vista, most of our customers do run SlowGold on it successfully. Please see our Vista topic for instructions on how to install under Vista, and write us for more information if you have trouble running on Vista.   You must be running the current version to attempt to run it on Vista, or to receive assistance from us. Check the Help>About window in SlowGold and if you are running below v7.7 you should download and install the latest version (always make sure all programs, including CD Player, etc. are closed before installing, and that you read and follow the Vista instructions)

SlowBlast! will run on any of the Windows operating systems that support analog recording. Vista does not support analog recording and if you are running Vista you should try SlowGold instead. 

Visit our Interactive Trouble Shooter if you are having trouble hearing sound in SlowBlast or email us for technical support. 

As far as hard disk space goes: SlowGold itself requires about 12 MB for all files. Typically, 1-4MB of additional temporary disk space is required for slowdown operations. Slowing down longer audio sections (like an entire 3 minute song) requires enough space to record the song to hard disk, and enough space remaining to hold the slowed-down song. Slowing down such long passages is not something that is commonly done, but if you have the space you can do it.

How can I evaluate the program for myself?

Click here to download SlowGold and experiment with tracks 1 or 2 of any audio CD.

I'm a registered SlowGold user. What is the upgrade policy?

Click here for more information on upgrading and email us if you have further questions (

How do I download the program?

Step 1. Click the "Downloads" Link at the top of this page and Download the full program file (save it to your hard drive).

The file will be downloaded and saved on your hard drive, in the location you specify; or if you do not specify a location it will be saved to the default location for download files on your computer. Note the location of the download file, you will need that to install the program. We suggest downloading to your Desktop to make the file easy to find as you will need to run it to install the program.

Click here to download the SlowGold Program File. This is about 8MB and will take from 1 minute to 1 hour, depending on your system.

Step 2. Run the downloaded file to install the latest version of SlowGold.

Locate the file you downloaded in Step 1 above then double click it to begin the installation process. Start up the program from Start>Programs>World Wide Woodshed.

Do I need to purchase the eDS along with the Download Version/How do I redownload if I need to reinstall?

The Demo download versions will turn into the full version once registered with a serial name and serial number/auth code that you will receive in your email order confirmation. If you need to reinstall the program at a later date, simply download the demo version again from our website and register with a new serial number/auth code (obtained by entering the email address we have on file for you into the Auth Code generator that is available from the Support page of our web site).

The eDS is a download service provided by Esellerate, our order processing agent. This service provides you with guaranteed redownload of the program you purchased for one year.  We are required by our order processing agent to offer this product when you place your order; however, it is not necessary since we provide this to our customers free of charge. Some people choose to purchase the eDS as a form of additional insurance, however, since it provides the program download from a third party.

How do I purchase?

  • You can purchase SlowGold or SlowBlast through our secure on-line store at this link: Woodshed On-Line Store. Our on line order processing agent (eSellerate) provides many different payment options to suit your needs.
  • You can order by phone with your credit card. From inside the US and Canada call 1-888-588-2499, from elsewhere call 1-510-665-1400.
  • You can also order by mail, by fax or through PayPal, all through our online store. 


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