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What are the system requirements for SlowGold & SlowBlast?

SlowGold Version 7.7 is the current version. It is for PC's only, and includes support through WinXP.  Although we do not have a version specifically for Vista, most of our customers do run SlowGold on it successfully. Please see our Vista topic for instructions on how to install under Vista, and write us for more information if you have trouble running on Vista.   You must be running the current version to attempt to run it on Vista, or to receive assistance from us. Check the Help>About window in SlowGold and if you are running below v7.7 you should download and install the latest version (always make sure all programs, including CD Player, etc. are closed before installing, and read and follow the Vista instructions prior to opening the program)

SlowBlast! is also for PC's only, and will run on any of the Windows operating systems that support analog recording. Vista does not support analog recording and therefore SlowBlast will not run on it. Visit our Interactive Trouble Shooter if you are having trouble hearing sound in SlowBlast or email us for technical support. 

As far as hard disk space goes: SlowGold itself requires about 12 MB for all files. Typically, 1-4MB of additional temporary disk space is required for slowdown operations. Slowing down longer audio sections (like an entire 3 minute song) requires enough space to record the song to hard disk, and enough space remaining to hold the slowed-down song. Slowing down such long passages is not something that is commonly done, but if you have the space you can do it.


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