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Technical Questions

  • I do not hear sound during slowplay/transform playback; or the sound quality is poor.
    Audio problems with SlowGold or SlowBlast! are usually due to the Windows Mixer not being configured properly on your system for both CD Audio and Wave Playback.


  • How do I burn my slowed down loops to a CD so I can practice away from my computer?
    First thing to do is make sure you save the transformed (slowed down) loops correctly. No matter what size the loop is (an entire CD track or a few seconds) you must allow the transformed loop to play through once completely prior to using the File Menu>Save Last Slowed Down command (just wait until the loop begins to repeat and you should be all set).

    Tip: to quickly create a single loop of an entire CD track (in SlowGold only), right-click the track in the Track List and choose the "Make Loop for this Track" command. This will create the loop without having to play the track.

    Now, as far as burning your transformed loops to CDs: use your CD creator software to 'create" an audio CD (rather than just copying the files to a CD) and also change the write speed down to the lowest speed available (1x or 2x) prior to burning the CD.

    You can also, alternatively, use the Windows Sound recorder to "Convert" the format of our mono output wave files into stereo/44,100Hz/16bit and this would eliminate the need to change the write speed before burning the CD. 

    Email us at if you need further instruction.


  • Jet.VBA\SlowGold.mdb failed to open Error Message
    When trying to run SlowGold the following message "C:\Program Files\VBAJET32.DLL\slowgold.mdb failed to open. Error is the Jet VBA file {VBA JET.dll for 16-bit versions, VBAJET.32dll for 32-bitversions} failed to initialize when called" occurs when there is a DLL mismatch problem. The installation routine is designed to reconcile these mismatches but fails to do so on some systems. You need to upgrade to the latest version and will need an auth code. Please visit our Upgrades Page


  • SlowGold says something else has hold of the CD drive.
    Look in the system tray on your Windows Task Bar and you'll probably see a program that was loaded at startup. You might also have "CD Player" open. If you can not identify an obvious culprit, exit all programs, use the <Ctrl>+<Alt>+<Del> command to bring up the Windows Task List, then End Task on everything except the Explorer and start up SlowGold again.


  • How do I use SlowGold to work with songs on LP's or cassettes?
SlowGold versions 6.07 and greater have a built in recorder you can use.
  1. You can connect the output on your cassette player or your tuner (if your cassette player or turntable is embedded in or connected to it) to the line input of your sound card.
  2. Then, you can use either SlowGold or another program with recorder utility to record the track into a wav file.
  3. To use SlowGold, make sure you have v6.0.7 or greater: just look in Help\About to find out which version you are running. Otherwise, you can use any other program you already have installed that will record from the line input and save as a wav file.
  4. For more helpful hints, take a look at our article on Recording Tips in Issue #4 of our Free E-Newsletter, Woodsheddin'.
  • How do I use SlowGold to work with MP3 files?
SlowGold v7.0 and greater allows you to work with MP3 files.
  1. From inside SlowGold, click the File Menu
  2. Click the "Convert MP3 to Wave File" command
  3. Type in the path to the MP3 file you wish to work with or click the "Find" button to browse for the file
  4. Type in the path the new Wave file you are creating with this process (including the name of the new wave file)
  5. Click the Convert Button
  6. After you have saved your MP3 file as a Wave file, use the File\Open Wave File command to open the Wave file in SlowGold.
  • I get the error message: cdID=1.
    The cdID=1 error message indicates that your SlowGold database has been damaged. To repair the damage, simply uninstall SlowGold using the Windows Control Panel\Add, Remove Programs utility, then reinstall SlowGold from the most current version you have available.

    If the problem persists, you need to upgrade to the latest version and will need an auth code. Please visit our Upgrades Page
  • My download won't work.
    Check that you downloaded the entire file (approx. 8.1 MB). Keep in mind that interruptions in your internet connection will cause the download to be aborted and you will have to try again. If you really can't get the download to work, consider ordering the CD directly from our secure online store (make sure to select the CD version from the product drop down list)  -- you still have 30 days to review the product and request a refund if you are not satisfied. For technical support, read our 
  • Will a CD player that supports digital recording process faster than analog?
    The processing time of the slowdown algorithm is the same. The speed of recording (prior to slowdown) digitally is usually faster than the speed of analog recording.
  • What does the slowdown processing time depend on?
    The processing time of the slowdown algorithm in SlowGold is dependent on:
  1. Choice of algorithm ("Good" is faster, "Best" is slower);
  2. Length of the loop (longer loops take longer to process);
  3. Amount of slowdown (the output file for a given loop at 25% is twice as long as the output at 50%, and takes twice as long to create).
  • Will SlowGold affect my MIDI interface?
    SlowGold does not affect your MIDI operations.


  • SlowGold froze on a Wav file.
    Sometimes, playing short (under 3 seconds or so) loops repeatedly can cause the multimedia subsystem to shut down, requiring a reboot of Windows before wave files can be heard again. We are not sure what causes this problem, but the workaround is to use slightly longer loops and not to have them play in the background while you work in other programs. Otherwise, make sure yu are running the most current version and email us for further support at


  • When using the Wave Graph View, my  graph has straight edges.
    If the straight edges are appearing in the Wave View graph, then the recording level is set too high and parts of the wave are too loud to be recorded - they are "clipping" at the maximum value. You should go to the recording mixer and turn down the CD slider until the clipping disappears. If you turn it too low, you'll get hiss instead of the distortion that you are undoubtedly now experiencing. For more detailed instructions on tweaking the Windows sound mixer, go to the Woodshed's Audio Clinic.


If you do not see your question addressed here, or require further assistance please email us at . We strive to respond to all inquiries within two business days, and are often able to respond within one day.


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