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PC Magazine compliments SlowGold:

"... the best product I've seen to date is Slow Gold II, available from World Wide Woodshed" says Bill Machrone, editor of PC Magazine, in his column, "Do you sing to your PC?"  issue Vol 18 No 1.

For those of you who don't know, PC Magazine is probably the most influential and longest running magazine in the PC industry. Bill Machrone has been the editor since forever and is highly influential in the industry, so this is high praise indeed.

This is the first review to hit the streets from our successful press tour to introduce SlowGold in October.

Here are two quotes about SlowGold from Bill's column:

  •               "A number of hardware products let you record a sample and play it back in the same pitch at a different tempo ...the best  product I've seen to date is Slow Gold II,  available from World Wide Woodshed"
  •               ... "Slow Gold will take anything you can get into Windows' Sound Recorder"


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