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Running SlowGold on Vista

We do not yet have a version that specifically supports Vista; however, we have many happy customers who are running the latest version of SlowGold on Vista. We've taken their comments, along with our own testing, to provide you with the steps you can take to have a "happy experience" running it on your Vista system as well (see link below).  These steps work for most systems so give it a try with our demo version (allows you to loop and transform up to 20 seconds of first two tracks of any audio CD and all other features become enabled when you register it with a serial auth code).

Please note you must be running the latest version of SlowGold in order to run it on Vista. If you are not already a registered owner of v7.7 you need to read the information on upgrading and then email us for more information (

Click here for the steps for installing SlowGold on Vista.

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