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bassplayeronline.gif (2963 bytes) Review, by BRaTGirl and RafX, from Australia's "Bass Player On-Line", Feb '99. Check out their reviews at

Now, I am no great musician, actually I have been playing guitar for over 10 years and still can't play a decent tune. Nevertheless I would have enjoyed my efforts more if I had someone like Steve Vai or Joe Satriani giving me lessons, and if I had someone like Billy Sheehan (Mr Big) as a teacher I would have most definitely taken up Bass. But, alas it was not meant to be, just dreams to me to have the honour of playing with such great artists - UP UNTIL NOW! Yesterday I took personal lessons from Paul Gilbert (Mr Big) and Steve Vai, today I think I will get a few tips from Yngwie Malmsteen. Enjoy picking and choosing your teachers with SLOW GOLD, basically it works like this. Ever wanted to master a solo of a favourite guitarist, drummer or bass player? Well, just about any instrument. All you have to do is grab your fav CD and throw it in the CD-ROM drive like you would to play it normally as an audio CD. With SLOW GOLD open you can then hunt out the section you wish to master and record and save the desired section. Now is the fun part, you can slow the section down to whatever speed you need to learn and follow the part, but, without losing the pitch. Now being the HUGE sceptic I am (something I just think journalists develop) I took a guitar solo out of a song by Mr Big called Green - Tinted Sixties Mind, knowing very well that if this program could hold the original pitch while slowing down to say one third of the speed it was recorded, then I am going to recommend SLOW GOLD to every musician out there. I am recommending you get hold of this program. I was astonished at just how perfect it did hold the pitch level even when the vocals kicked in. Here are a few more great features

* You can also use WAV files with SLOW GOLD, great for if you don't own the CD you wish to work with. Just get a friend to record the section you want and e-mail it to you.

* Slow down the piece from 5% to 120% of original speed without losing quality, and keeping pitch. Speed the song up faster than the original for a challenge when you master it at original speed.

* Saving options that let you have a break from working on material to come back and pick up right where you left off.

* Totally compatible with all notation, sequencer, or word processing program (although this is the manufacturer's claim) I found it compatible with what utilities I have installed on my system.

* Inbuilt notepad type interface where you can store all your chord's and lyrics you wish to keep for further reference, and can be then exported as normal text to other word processing type utilities, such as MS Word. ***TEN out of TEN***

Check out BRaTGirl and RafX at

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