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Professional Quality Music Slowdown for Windows and Macintosh Computers

The latest version is 8.0.4. The files here are "unlockable demo" versions, which means that they will work for 15 days and, after that, require a key to unlock (see this page for purchase information). If you already have a registered version of SlowGold 8 on your machines, these programs should be automatically registered when you first try them (if they are not, for some reason, re-enter the key you received in the registration email; write to if you have any issues).

SlowGold 8.0.4 downloads:

Windows Version (Windows XP and up)

Macintosh Version (OSX 10.6 and higher)

Older Versions

The programs listed below are older, and have been replaced in our lineup by SlowGold 8. They are designed for Windows XP and do not generally work well with later versions of Windows. We provide links here for the convenience of our existing users who need to download a new copy.

If you are an owner of an older World Wide Woodshed product (i.e., SlowGold 7 or earlier, or any version of SlowBlast!) and you did not receive an upgrade discount code via email, please ask for one.

Here are the older downloads:

SlowGold 7.7



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