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New Features in SlowGold 8

Download the free demo and see for yourself!

  1. Completely rewritten from the ground-up.
  2. Works well on Windows 7™, Windows Vista™, Windows XP™ - and now Mac OS/X™.
  3. Handles mp3 and many other formats.
  4. Drag files from your desktop or iTunes™.
  5. Recognizes some CDs using freeDB's database.
  6. Waveform display with autoscroll
  7. Dynamic zoom in and out of waveform using the menus, commands or mousewheel.
  8. Displays track metadata: album, artist, song, more.
  9. Edit metadata to correct errors, fill in gaps, or just to add your own notes.
  10. Draggable loop points.
  11. Dual time clock with millisecond times and graphical display.
  12. Completely assignable keyboard commands.
  13. Commands can also be assigned to MIDI events.
  14. Context-sensitive help.
  15. Stereo.
  16. Reprocess stereo into mono.
  17. Slowdown to 20x time.
  18. Pitch up or down to 2 octaves.
  19. Fine tuning by as little as 1 cent.
  20. One-click creation of loop points.
  21. Draggable loop points and time cursor.
  22. Cut and paste loop points - even between songs.
  23. Dozens of navigation and selection commands.
  24. Toggle between Basic and Advanced menus.
  25. All component sizes can be adjusted within the window by dragging.
  26. Unlimited undos
  27. All commands are undoable including layout commands.
  28. Tape-recorder-like functions with smart rewind.
  29. Instant Start technology means application starts up immediately, exactly where you were before.
  30. Waveform caching and audio look ahead provides instant access to previously-viewed tracks, even on CD.
  31. Stereo level display.
  32. Waveform drag.
  33. Edit loop point labels in place.
  34. Configurable control layout.
  35. Redirect output to any sound card.
  36. Recent files menu.
  37. Audio commands:  nudge up and down, mute, dim

Download the free demo and see for yourself!

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