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We receive plenty of unsolicited congratulations on SlowGold. Here are just a few. We hope they give you an idea of why people are using SlowGold so enthusiastically. We were almost afraid to put them up here, because some are almost too good to be believed. But they are all from real customers.

  • "SlowGold has rendered all of my other transcribing tools obsolete. Nothing even comes close for quality and versatility. It eliminates all the guesswork and is helping my ear to reach its fullest potential. This program is a godsend. Thanks, Woodshed!" - Steve Gorenberg, professional transcriber

  • "THIS PROGRAM KICKS ASS !!! I love it. I have already seen a difference in the way I play" - J.M.
  • "SlowGold is a tool that every musician can benefit from since it really lets you to get inside the music. I wish it had been around when I was trying to learn how to improvise. Those Wes Montgomery solos would have been much easier to learn." - Don Latarski - Jazz Guitar Instructor and author of  "Practical theory for guitar", a player's guide to essential music theory in words, music, tablature and sound.
  • The introduction to Mercyful Fate's "To one far away" had eluded me for years. I knew I was playing the chords wrong. It starts out with an acoustic guitar that gets overshadowed by an electric guitar about five seconds into the piece. I was able to hear that it was a real simple set of notes but I'd always heard the low G and missed out on the E, A and B. When I played it out with SlowGold, at 50% slowdown, I could tell exactly what they were hitting and I finally got it. - Robert Jackson, Berkeley, CA Acoustic Guitar and Violin, "Just messin' around"
  • "Amazing program. I bought a digital device for about $500 that does not even measure up to SlowGold. Thanks for the download." - Chris Groves

  • "I am a firm believer in the value of practicing whether it be music, sports, academics, or whatever the endeavor. With only two hours of experimenting with SlowGold I am convinced it is more revolutionary that Coda Music's Vivace (now SmartMusic Studio). With SlowGold I am able to practice ANY recording and learn at my pace which is often VERY SLOW and frustrating. After briefly working with your software my progress was fast and not at all frustrating. My practice was fun again! I plan on spending much more time with your software. Thank you for having the desire and ability to develop such a valuable tool for musicians." - Richard Getso
  • "I love it.  It's great.  If you need a testimonial, just call on me.   Not only can I hear each note that is played (which is often a lot less than it sounded like at full speed) but I even find I can usually tell which strings are being played and that in turn gives excellent clues to finger positions!  Solos and even rhythm parts I've been playing (wrong) for years have taken on a whole new life.  Ah, if only I'd had this when I was a professional musician.

    My next project - breaking out vocal harmonies!

    Many, many thanks for your brilliant product!"  C. Lee

  • I'm just stopping by to let you know I've placed a link to your site - slowgold's so good, every musician should know about it. - Francois Rousseau

  • "Webmaster dude/dudette:

    I bought a shiny new copy of Slow Gold II yesterday from MicroAge in Santa Ana CA. 

    Slow Gold II is so good it is a terrible dilemma trying to decide whether to sing its praises, or keep it to myself to make me look like a musical genius.  It is hard to do it, but I think I will post at the guitar sites I visit letting everybody know how great SlowGold is.  I could not forgive myself for hogging such a miraculous software for cynical personal aggrandizement.

    What impresses me most is the crystal clear preservation of all of the sound:  every pick attack, grace note, finger movement, all preserved. This makes it possible to not only get the notes right, but to more closely duplicate "style".  Most of these nuances simply can not be heard at full speed playback.  If time is money, SGII paid for itself in one afternoon.

    Am I raving?!

    Thanks massively for the great software." - T. Morningstar

  • What a great tool! I have tried other similar products and the sound quality was pitiful. But the SlowGold is crystal clear even at the slowest setting. I liked it so well that I purchased SlowGold. - Keven

  • "While I was reading a transcription, the transcriber told me how had had been able to hear what the bassist did. He told me the secret was this program" - V.S.

  • "If you count the time IŽve been sitting here,  youŽll understand that this program is addictive". - F.C.F.C.

  • "One of my friends told me about your program because it helped his band get their lyrics and chords down on paper so all of them could read it." - D.K.

  • "I found SlowGold on a hunt for my favorite rap and heavy metal songs. The demo proved how wonderful this program really is. Now, we no longer sing in jibber jabber, because we know all the words! I love it!"  - A.L. "My sister and I own hundreds of CDs and we hate it when we open up the case,  take out the booklet  and don't find any words to the songs."

  • "Finally, a comprehensive guitarists' and musicians' tool that is easy to use , and very stylish and slick" - D.C., South Africa.  "I'm 19 yrs old, live in Port Elizabeth and play guitar (a really old flame top Les Paul). So far, I've been using SlowGold to work out solos that are just too quick to hear by ear. In particular, Marty Friedmann and Jason Becker. (Worlds hottest guitarists) and the results are astonishing to say the least. I can now hear their use of scales and modes, and even individual notes"

  • I must say, this is going to be my most usable piece of equipment. I'm glad I didn't buy any of the hardware out in the market. I play guitar, and I love playing Stevie Ray's music. In the 2 hours I was on SlowGold yesterday, his most complex solos became revealed. Thanks for the free trial - Aris Makris, Montreal, Canada

  • "SlowGold is great! This is the best software I've seen in a long time. I only wish I had it years ago when I started learning guitar (of course, they didn't have PC's back then, but that's besides the point)." - Jim Schenk
  • "I think that this is an incredible product! It's really what I've been looking for for years." - Jonathan Hunt
  • "Thanks for the great product!" - Tim Gruenhagen
  • "SlowGold blew me away, the sound is crystal clear." - Francisco C. Flores
  • "SlowGold has greatly improved the efficiency of my practice time. The countless hours that I used to spend trying to figure out *what* was being played is now spent *learning* the music. It is also a useful adjunct toinstructional CD's I can loop each of the examples individually (typically several examples are lumped together on one track) and then have instant access to *each* example which will loop endlessly (and can be slowed down too, if necessary)." - W.L. Williams, OR
  • "I love the product and plan to buy it. What else can I say?" - Dennis Meixsell
  • "I have been playing guitar for 31 years, sure could have used something like this in my younger years playing cover tunes and working so hard trying to get it just right. I also work as a network engineer, so I download a lot of evaluation software. After playing with SlowGold for about 10 minutes I knew I had to purchase it. So I did, (and what a great price)." - Larry Burroughs


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