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Making Tablature With SlowGold

SlowGold is the ideal  software when you are creating music tablature. You use it to break up and listen to particular passages - effectively putting them under a musical microscope - so you can listen to any phrase at any speed, without changing the pitch. You can easily have SlowGold focus on any musical segment - even a single note or single chord - and repeat it over and over at the speed of your choice until you hear and learn or transcribe every last bit of it. And even if you don't want to transcribe, it's great for figuring out the chords to any tune.

Click here to download the demo now.

SlowGold does three things that you need:

  • It isolates particular passages
  • It slows down difficult pieces in order to hear them better
  • It will link directly to your notation program

Isolate particular passages

As you listen to a CD (or wave file), you click at the beginning of a passage and then at the end. That creates a "loop." You can put that loop on repeat. You are no longer restricted to entire tracks, you can put any part of any loop on repeat. If you didn't quite get the loop exactly right (say you wanted 8 bars precisely) you can "trim" your loop to get exactly the piece you wanted. In fact, you can focus in on a single note or chord, looping it indefinitely until you find an exact match on your instrument.

Slow down difficult pieces in order to hear them better

Click on the "Slowdown" button and SlowGold takes your loop and can play it back to you at any speed down to 5%. No pitch change. And the sound quality is astounding throughout the most useful portion of the common practicing and transcription ranges, down to about 1/3 of the original speed. At the extremes of the slowdown range (below this value, and above 1-2/3 of the original speed when speeding up), smearing and distortion of the sound will be increasingly evident, but the quality will generally still be more than adequate for playing along with and transcribing.

Link directly to your notation program

You can write down the chords and lyrics within SlowGold. Alternatively, you can link to your favorite music tablature or notation program. Right click on the track you are working on and SlowGold will open up your notation program, opening the same notation file that you previously used for that track. This saves you a bit of hunting around on the disk. Then you can switch between the two programs. In SlowGold, put a passage on repeat, move to your notation program and write down the tab, when you are done, go back to SlowGold and go to the next passage

There are many more features to SlowGold.
To read more, start at our Products page or else Download SlowGold

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