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"Woodshedding" is a musician's term meaning "going off to practice." It's typically used by jazz musicians to suggest a devotion to getting it right. So we thought it was a great name for a music software company: practice, devotion, getting it right -- sounds good. Throw in "World Wide" as in "World Wide Web" and that's us: The World Wide Woodshed.

We thought everyone would understand! Not so.  Unfortunately we found that some folks had no idea at all what "woodshedding" meant. Even worse, if you weren't a musician, the woodshed could be a mean, really bad,place. Definitely uncomplimentary.

My English friends are reminded of the book and movie "Cold Comfort Farm" which made the phrase "Something nasty in the woodshed" indelible to them. Now that's bad.

Others actually grew up with real woodsheds, with real wood in them. So, "going to the woodshed" meant whatever you did there in the privacy of your own woodshed.. For instance, when we put out announcements about SlowGold II, Paul Gretton wrote this charming reminiscence:

I do like the name "Woodsheddin' ". My ex-grandfather-in-law (a retired school headmaster in rural Ontario) would always say he had to "do some work in the woodshed" when he was off to have a few slugs of rye from the bottle he hid there from his disapproving wife. He thought she didn't know what he was up to, but when she saw him walking off down the garden she would always say to us "Well, I see Grandpa's  off woodshedding again!"

So, here we are. "Woodshedding" is the right word for us but we find we have some explaining to do.

If you have any other ideas about what "Woodshedding" means to you, we'd love to hear them. Please send them over to us. Click here to send us an email.


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